Being a Store Partner of Negocia, I Agree to Conduct my Negocia Store Business According to the following Ethical Guidelines:
1. As a Negocia Store Partner, I will Guide, treat all my Negocia Direct Sellers as a Professional to my Best and the same I would have them to treat me.
2. I will respectfully Observe & Follow the Code of Ethics & Rules of Conduct, to which I will abide with full of my Spirit.
3. I will with my full Honesty & Integrity, present the Negocia Products and Business to all Prospects, Customers Distributor/Brand Partners only with the approved ways of Negocia Publication and Presentation.
4. I will Readily & Politely Handle all the Guidelines, Procedures mentioned in Official Publication at any Presentation of Negocia Business.
5. I will Conduct my Business & Activities in such a manner, reflecting Highest Standards of Integrity, Transparency, Openness and Responsibly reaching new Heights of Direct Selling Industry.
6. I will Accept and Carry the Responsibility as a Negocia Store Partner and Setting up Good examples for Business.
7. In My Negocia Product, Business Presentations & Activities, I will Protect the Name of the Company by Presenting the Approved Publication of Compensation/Incentive Plan & Authorized Product Catalogues.
8. It will Solely be my Responsibility to Guide and to Help my Territory Direct Sellers to learn the Principles and Guidelines of Negocia- Code of Ethics, Rules & Regulations, Product Presentation and Compensation/Incentive Plan as a tool to Start with their Negocia Store Partner.
9. It will be My Responsibility to Motivate My Territory Direct Sellers to take Initiative and Necessary Trainings, Attend Webinars & Seminars to Realize the Potential of Negocia Business.
10. I will Promote a Spirit of Team Work among all Direct Sellers & Creating a Healthy Bonding for Business Growth.


Any Violations of the Below said Rules will result in Termination of the Negocia Store Partnership. Negocia reserves the right to modify and make any amendments in these rules from time to time when the Company deems it proper and Necessary.
1. Application of Negocia Store
a. Any Company/Corporation, Proprietor/Partnership, Private or Limited Company when apply for Negocia Store  shall be Registered under duly appointed Direct Seller of Negocia.
b. An Applicant Must Completely & Personally fill up the Application duly Signed in clear & legibly in Block letters to Signify his acceptance of all the Terms of the Rules and Regulations of Negocia. Incomplete information will not be processed on time.
c. Every Application for Negocia Store shall be Accompanied by the Applicable Payment from time to time for the Product Purchase.

2. Death and Inheritance

a. In the Event of the Death of the Negocia Store Partner, the Negocia Store Agreement shall be Reserved to the legal Heirs of the Decedent.
b. The legal Heirs Shall Submit an Extra Judicial Settlement of Estate to the Company stating their request to replace the deceased Negocia Store. The Company has the right to Approve/Disapprove the Request by going on Proper Evaluation.

3. Responsibilities and Duties

a. A Negocia Store  Partner is an Independent Business Entity. Hence, He/she is not an employee, Agent or Representative of the Company.
b. A Negocia Store Partner shall not use Negocia  Name, Logo, Slogan, Trademark, and Trade Names without the Company Consent.
c. Negocia Store Partner Shall not Engage or Actively Participate in other Networking and Direct-Selling Companies in any Manner.
d. Valid Complaints Should be Written and Addressed to the Negocia, to be Discussed and Considered. Any Decision Shall be in Discretion of the Company and Shall be Final and Executory.
e. Health & Wellness Products of Negocia  are 100% pure and having best Quality and has no therapeutic Claims, all Direct Sellers , Negocia Store Partner and Business Centers herein undertake to shoulder all responsibilities, liabilities and damages that may arise of any misinterpretations and misrepresentations, over-claim or concealment regarding the true nature of Negocia Health & Wellness Products.

4. Termination/Cancellation of Negocia Store Partnership

a. Negocia has every right to terminate the Negocia Store Partnership for Non-Compliance, breach or violation of any of the stated Code of Ethics and Rules and Regulations and Policies of Negocia.
b. Negocia  Management will do Proper Evaluation of the Cause of Termination; the Negocia Store may need to surrender his/her Accountabilities with the Company and other Negocia store.

5. Product Under-Cutting & Cross Sponsoring

Under-Cutting of Products or Re-registration of Distributor/Direct Sellers  to other Sponsor/Upline under Different name is Prohibited. Negocia Reserves the right to terminate Negocia  Store Partnership  found to be Committing such act.

6. Tampering of Company Property

Tampering of Documents such as Negocia Store Application Form, Company invoices, or related Documents to be Duly Filled and Signed are strictly Prohibited.

7. Manipulating Negocia Direct Sellers & Store Genealogy

Manipulation of Negocia Store Network Structure (Genealogy) and Re-registration of Negocia Store to other Sponsor/Upline under Different name is Prohibited. Negocia Reserves the right to terminate Negocia Store found to be Committing such act.

8. Tax Deductions and Govt. Fees

All taxes and fees that may require by the government are to be shouldered by the Negocia  Store Owner
9. Product Quality Guarantee

Products Promoted by Negocia are Guaranteed of the Highest Quality. In Case you encounter Problems with the product, must brought it to the Notice of Negocia Mini-Store/Super Store or the Negocia Head office, together with your written statement and explanations, and Same will be Replaced.

10. TDS

The TDS rate under section 194H is 3.75% for transactions from 14 May 2020 until 31 March 2021

Note :

• TDS @ 20% is applicable, if Deductee does not have PAN No.
• Certificate of TDS Deducted in Form No. 16A will be issued to the deductee and deductee will take the credit of TDS deducted in his/her ITR Returns