Corn Flakes


CORN FLAKES BREAKFAST: Breakfast is the most important meals of the day as it replenishes our body ‘s energy stories after an all – night fast . A healthy breakfast, significantly improves mental and physical performance of both children & adults. Essentially the breakfast should be low fat . cholesterol and high in vitamins & minerals NEGOCIA  CORN FLAKES are made precisely as per the requirement of an ideal breakfast for each morning  NEGOCIA  CORN FLAKES are made from selected corn and manufactured under strict . Hygienic conditions in moisture proof packing


Serving Preparing Breakfast is so easy

1 start with opening a CORN FLAKES pack and putting 30 GMS in a clean Bowl.

2 Then add sugar or honey as desired.

3 Lastly add milk or cream, preferably hot / cold then garnish with fruits of your choice. your breakfast is ready just serve it